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Please email your interest to us at: sales@agingoptions.com or call us at 253-661-5287.

The Aging Options Audience
Our audience is typically the adult children of current senior citizens
who are assisting them in their care or planning. In other words:
Baby Boomers: Born 1946-1964

Demographic information for Baby Boomers indicates the following tendencies:
  • Home Owners - Many own a second home
  • Independent - Lives alone
  • College Degrees
  • More wealthy than their predecessors - More savings with more disposable income
  • Employable - Continue to work beyond retirement years
  • Tech savvy - Net surfers, shops online, owns a smartphone
  • Performing Arts Enthusiasts - Symphony, ballet, opera, theatre, concerts
  • Travel - Boomers have the highest spending on a trip than any other age group
  • Healthier - Active and fitness oriented, often with health club membership
  • Home Buyers - Secondary home
  • Investors - Concerned about their financial future
  • Wine consumers